Friday, December 17, 2010

Friends: I have neglected this blog, because there was frankly very little response to the issues I have posted on here. Looking at the blog again, I see that there has been an increase in those who have subscribed. I want to make another run at this now, because I do believe that it could be a valuable resource, a place for people to have their questions answered and for individuals to discuss issues which are important to them.

What I would like to ask you to do, would be for you to suggest some questions or topics that could be discussed. This way I would feel like we are responding to issues and questions that are important to you. I would also ask that you encourage your contacts to participate as well. For my part, I will try to more actively post issues and questions. I would love for this to become a discussion board for the community of individuals advocating for children with disabilities.


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  2. I would suggest discussing:
    Statute of limitations
    Form letters
    Friends behind the schoolyard gates
    Teachers Unions - Who really has the power? Can they prevent a child from having services - really?
    What is tenure?
    Why advocate for your child?
    Get it in writing
    Retaliation - all around
    Define advocacy

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  4. I have just stumbled on this and hope to gain more info in this journey - it's so much different sitting on the parent side of an IEP table, especially in a county that seems more resistant to ese than where I worked. Maybe that's not the case, but it sure seems like it. I'll try and brainstorm to come up with specific topics, for now I'm going to go through archived ones and see what's there.

  5. Thanks for this. Hey, us SpecEd parents are so busy battling schools we don't get much time for sorting through blogs but we NEED people like you who are willing to provide information!! We appreciate it to NO end.

    I'd like to see the topic of enforcing IEP's in classrooms.
    And transitioning (or not) from IEP's to 504's.

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  7. A few topic suggestions that I've had to deal with and know that I'm not alone that can get sticky for possibilities:

    Placement issues
    Prior Written Notice
    LRE (and it's appropriateness given the current economic climate and many schools "suddenly" pushing for children to be included, mainstreamed, etc.)
    The maze of understanding Educational Testing (progress, minimal progress, no progress, regression).
    And of course Due Process!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to help others.

  9. Any information about behavior disorders and how to handle them in the school system would be appreciate.

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